1. General

  • Q: How do I order rental packages from you?

    A: Please refer to Rental Steps
  • Q: How many days in advance should I place an order?

    A: Our website requires at least 4 days in advance to place an order.
  • Q: How is the rental period calculated?

    A: Your rental period starts at 0:00 (Beijing time) on your Pickup Date, and it ends at 24:00 (Beijing time) on your Return Date.
  • Q: Is it possible to extend my rental period? What is the price like?

    A: Yes. Rental period can be extended if our stock allows. Please email your request to our support team at info@ucomobile.com to confirm it in advance.
    The additional cost will be calculated based on the discounted rate of the original rental period.
  • Q: Do you deliver to a residence or apartment in China?

    A: This option has temporary suspend due to our system upgrade, it’ll back online soon.
  • Q: I did not receive a confirmation email for my order. Has my order got through?

    A: Probably not. When the order has been successfully made, confirmation email will be sent automatically.
    Moreover, you will receive payment confirmation from PayPal if your payment went through.
  • Q: What if I need order status or tracking details?

    A: Order confirmation emails with status and tracking information will automatically be sent to the email address you provide when ordering. You may also contact our support team by email at info@ucomobile.com for these updates.

2. Pickup & Return

  • Q: Do you ship overseas?

    A: Unfortunately, we do not. We ship your order just in mainland China.
  • Q: When will the product I ordered be delivered to my pickup place?

    A: It will be delivered the day before your pickup date.
    e.g. If your pickup date is 15th May, it will be delivered 14th May.
  • Q: How do you do hotel drop-off and pick-up?

    A: We deliver rental package to your hotel concierge where you can pick it up when check-in, and in the end of rental period you just leave rental package at your hotel concierge for our later collection.
  • Q: Will I have to pay for returning the package?

    A: No, we will provide a pre-paid envelope for return so you do not have to pay anything.
  • Q: I have lost the return envelope…

  • Q: What if I lose or break the device?

    A: You will be responsible for replacement cost if you break or lose the device. If a device is lost, stolen or broken, assessed penalty fees will be applied. Please review the Terms and Conditions page when placing an order.
  • Q: What if the device is returned late?

    A: If our staff failed to collect the package from the return address you leaved to us after the Usage Term date, additional late fees plus an US$5 collection fee will be applied. Late fee will calculated based on the discounted rate of the original rental period and will be charged until the day we actually receive the equipment.

3. Payment

  • Q: I do not have PayPal account. Can I still make payment?

    A: Yes. However, please note that PayPal has eliminated “Pay without an account” option for some countries.
    Therefore you might need to create an account to make payment but is simple process and super easy.

4. Customer Support

  • Q: Does the package come with instructions?

    A: Yes, a User Guide is included in your shipment. You may also check the guide from our web site at support or you may contact us at info@ucomobile.com to request a User Guide, and we can forward one to you.
  • Q: Do you have a phone number I can call to?

    A: Yes, the phone number (for emergency) will be provided on the instruction paper in the envelope.
    However, we prefer handling all the inquiries via email so that we can keep logs of the conversation.
  • Q: How I can check my data usage?

    A: It shows up on the screen of MiFi device. For prepaid SIM card user, please refer to user guide in the package we sent to you.

5. About Using the device

  • Q: What is a MiFi Router/Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot/Mobile 3G Router?

    A: It’s a pocket size device offer you Internet connection thru 3G/4G technology. “Mobile” means our device is small enough to fit into your pocket, a purse or backpack. Wherever you go, with it you literally can take Internet access with you, because our device has no wires, and is battery powered.
    “Wi-Fi” is wireless Internet service. Our Mobile MiFi device is completely wireless and portable.
    A “Hotspot” is the area within which you can receive a Wi-Fi Internet signal. Our mobile Hotspot creates a portable ‘hotspot’ that provides you with a wireless Internet connection to your chosen devices – up to 10 – that are within its range. The range of the MiFi is about 30 feet.
  • Q: Who uses MiFi?

    A: Anyone who is traveling overseas will benefit from MiFi – a family on vacation, students, business travelers, tour groups and educators. It’s support up to 10 devices access Internet simultaneously, it’s lightweight, flexible, and saves money.
  • Q: Can’t I just find an Internet café with free Wi-Fi?

    A: Sure – and good luck. While WiFi is generally easy to find in the China, yes, you can use “free” public WiFi access, if you can find it, and if you don’t mind wasting time in unfamiliar locations trying to find a place with Internet access. On top of that, free WiFi is not secure – you can be hacked! Our devices are secure.
  • Q: What about my hotel Wi-Fi?

    A: It’s easy to find free Wi-Fi offered by hotel in China, there are two main drawbacks to hotel WiFi: Accessibility and mobility.
    Accessibility: Often hotel WiFi is a shared connection which can cause bandwidth bottlenecks and slow speeds when multiple users are logged on. Often it is regulated to be accessible only from your room, or the lobby.
    Mobility: Hotel WiFi and public hotspots are not mobile. You will not be able to refresh your twitter or navigation apps on the go!
  • Q: Is using Wi-Fi safe? Do I need to worry about cyber crime?

    A: “Free” public Wi-Fi networks are not secure, which means your personal data is at risk. Our devices are secure; our portable MiFi hotspots utilize WPA2 technology, the most up-to-date security for wireless data encryption. Devices with WPA2 are much more secure, freeing you from worry about cyber crimes and ID theft while you are traveling overseas.
  • Q: I am traveling on business, can I log into my company’s email network securely?

    A: Yes. UCOM device support VPN pass-through technology, ensuring the safe transmittal of data to and from your corporate account while using your VPN software. We also provide VPN service for you if you don’t have a VPN account.