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3G WiFi Router Offer You Super Speed

Rent a MiFi

  • Get wireless Internet access wherever and whenever you want
  • Portable and light, ideal for travel & business use
  • Connect up to 10 devices, Share with your family or colleagues
  • Unlimited data plans available for heavy Internet users

Prepaid Data SIM

or Buy a Prepaid Data SIM,

  • Pay only once, for up to 180 days
  • Disposable, no need to return
  • Easy set up, no activation required
  • Multi-size SIM cards available

Extra Service

and More Service Will Make Your Trip Much Easier.

  • VPN: secure, reliable, sometimes is necessary in China
  • Portable power bank: Never run out of battery again
  • MiFi Data top-up: Pay as you go

Why Us?

We are making things simple & reliable.

  • We provide Internet access in your pocket
  • With no hidden cost, no expensive roaming charge and no complicated procedure
  • You may just purchase and enjoy using it, and the rest will all be handled by us

That’s what it is!

We focus more on providing more convenient experience for you.